This application went to the MPT (Municipal Planning Tribunal) on 05/07/2022. GTAF with local residents presented their case against this monster development and the temporary wastewater treatment plant. We were able to get a split decision with the development being passed 3 -2. To read the decision document click here. To read the reasons given for the decision click here. This is not the end of this fight as GTAF and locals are taking this application to appeal.

The City of Cape Town Planning office have mistakenly added the incorrect e-mail address for appeals. For people who want to appeal the correct address is If you click on this link it will open in your email software. Please read the decision letter carefully, you must fill in the correct appeal form. You can also download the correct form from this link

We have uploaded the GTAF appeal for you to get some of the reasons against this application. To read or download the GTAF appeal click here

We ask all those who objected to this development and given the flawed advertising on this application we ask anyone who is affected to please appeal against this incorrect decision.  


To Read more about the history of this application please read on below.

Application 70494419 gets more and more murky as we discover what really happened to our public land. GTAF and the community have been engaging with Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town. We have documented an update on this potential disastrous development. The MPT (Municipal Planning Tribunal) Report was flawed, biased and did not follow correct participation processes and has been withdraw.

GTAF have escalated this battle and lodged a complaint with the City Manager in terms of Section 125 of the MPBL (Municipal Planning by Law)

Below we have included the timelines of this case.

  • 2011 The Western Cape Government attempts to transfer 2.93 Ha to the Flandorp Trust. This was a land claim settlement for 2Ha. This was refused by the National Government. But The Western Cape Government still transferred 2.4ha. 0.4 Ha over the Land Claim Court Ruling. Read the letter from MEC Madikizela
  • 2015 The Trust makes a land use applicant. This sees them apply for development on land they do not yet own. The Trust withdrew this application. Read / Download the 2015 application
  • 2016 The Trust applies to purchase the last strip of public land to make up the 2.93 Ha The Western Cape Government attempted to give them in 2011.
  • 2017 land is sold to the Flandorp Trust. This was advertised by The Western Cape Government as a land restitution settlement. The only land claim having been settled in 2011. See the misleading advertisement.
  • This land was sold to the Trust on the condition that it was never used for development and that the trust would at their cost supply an access road to access the proposed development and the two schools next to the development.  Read MEC Madikizela confirms this in this letter
  • 2018 the city consolidates land into one ERF with no public participation. This despite the City being aware of the public interest in this land and application. 
  • 2020 Land use application 70494419 is sent for public participation and comment. This application does not make provision for the access road as agreed in the sale of this land. (Western Cape Government) Read / download application. 
  • 2021 Land use application is withdrawn. The City attempted to present a substandard MPT (Municipal Planning Tribunal). The application had changed to include a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Once the Wastewater Treatment Plant was added no comments were sort from the relevant City and Government departments or public participation. The city ignores 154 objections. Read the incomplete and bias report that the city tried to push through the MPT.







  • Currently the Trust holds 2.93Ha of land with a land claim of 2Ha and 0.5 Ha purchased for R150, 000.00. 0.4 Ha of public land seemingly gifted by the Western Cape Government. The City having attempted to rail road this application through the MPT using a sub standard report.   The public do not have the access road as promised. 
  • We await responses from MEC’s Madikizela and Schafer. The City has refused to take action against the applicant or hold the case worker to account. 

Don’t forget to lodge your appeal.