Samantha Davis – Chairperson

Samantha has lived in the area for the last 7 years and invested in Flamingo Vlei 2 years ago. She works for her partner in his business in Montague Gardens, so this area and its welfare, are very important to her. This is where she wants to grow old and retire. Sadly, her children and grandchildren do not live here, because of the issues facing this community and she would like to see all that change so that they will come back and settle closer to her. She believes we have the infrastructure to have an amazing place to live ~ once we have sorted out the drugs, the taxi issues, the vagrants, the informal trading, and the general lawlessness that seems to have pervaded our society. She knows we will not change things overnight, but she does believe in a united, cohesive body, that will start this community back on the road to good health.

Stephen Twine – Vice Chairman

Stephen is a helicopter mechanic for the SANDF. He has lived in the Greater Tableview area for over 10 years. He is very passionate about helping those in need, including pensioners, homeless, jobless and maybe even those who just get by every month. He is a bit of as PC fix-it guy and uses this skill to assist the elderly often. He wishes to improve the local community by ensuring unity and creating a like-minded community spirit; one of commitment and encouragement. It is also his wish to improve the overall appearance of this community and to get more people involved in helping create this haven that we all seek. His goals are to try to convince the local government to return at least 50% of our rates and taxes to our area and to create a like-minded spirit within the local government.

Rhonda Knott – Treasurer

Rhonda is a financial administrator for a foreign international airline company

She has a passion for interior design and decor and is a budding wordsmith, philosopher, and entrepreneur.  The ocean is the place where she seeks out peace and relaxation, her biggest regret is not becoming a marine biologist, a childhood dream.  Rhonda loves all animals and is passionate about her fur babies.. two cats and two dogs, her Labradorable Angel shares her love of the ocean.

“I believe a strong country can be built on a vibrant local community economy whether it is facilitating trade with each other’s neighbors or taking responsibility for surroundings through well-organized village governance. ALL members of a diverse community will benefit through innovation, hard work, and participation.”

Mandy Walters – Secretary

Mandy Walters is a wife and mother to newly adult twin boys and has lived in Tableview since relocating from KZN at the end of 2011, where she was an administrator at UKZN. Mandy is a fundraiser for a local NPO. She is community-minded and feels she would like to utilize some of the free time she has to give back to the community in a meaningful way. She shares many of the communities concerns regarding crime, rampant development contrary to community needs and wishes, social development, and general upliftment of the community as a whole, and her hope is that as part of GTAF Manco, she will be able to assist in identifying and implementing positive action to address concerns and instill pride in the community.

Sue Buckley – Social and Ward 107 Committee

I am Suzanne Buckley, but please call me Sue

I have lived in Parklands since 2000. I was born in Manchester UK and emigrated with my family in 1975.

I love to cook and especially bake and love trying out new and interesting recipes, I have a 24-year-old daughter who works in the area for a local telecommunications company. I worked for a large international company for 13 years and in 2013 was retrenched. I then decided to become an independent distributor, selling a wide range of disposable paper tissue products.

I joined GTAF in 2018 as I felt the need to start trying to help and assist in our area. I hope to encourage other members in our community to do the same by becoming involved to try and find solutions to the many obstacles, ongoing concerns that we are trying to deal with. I am also the Sector 2 CPF Fund Raiser Co-ordinator and was recently elected as Ward Representative 107.

I would like you all to join any community-based organization and get involved in serving your community. I am also an active member of the Community Clean-Up Team.

Dirk van Niekerk – Open Spaces and Ward 113 Committee

David Walters – Traffic and Upliftment

David is 42 Years old, and a resident of Flamino Vlei, and a married parent of 4. He works in the garden maintenance and landscaping field so spends most of his day in our neighbourhood, either driving or working outdoors.

He shares many concerns about our community and feels it is important to make an effort of some sort to address them, rather than sit back and grumble. As an individual, he is severely limited in what he could hope to achieve but feels GTAF as a body has the access, and a group of positive-minded individuals, to make inroads in the necessary areas.

His sole ambition is to see improvements in the areas of concern in our community, and this can only be achieved via a united effort of positive people seeking positive outcomes by means of positive proposals and suggestions.

His strengths, as he sees them, are a positive mindset and a good mix of logical and creative thinking.

Pip Outen – Community Helper

As the oldest member of GTAF, I have lived in Tableview for 36 years and feel as a resident we all need to know and be a part of the upliftment of the community.