What is the name of the association?

We have chosen the name Greater Tableview Action Forum, or just “GeeTAF” for short. It describes the area that we are located in as well as encompassing the goals we wish to achieve.

What are the aims and objectives of the association?

GTAF will be a place where people come together co-operatively. We are looking for input from the Community and encouraging them to work together as a collective. GTAF is a Forum where we share thoughts and ideas and implement measures to achieve the goals. GTAF aims to bring stability to the Community through focussing on the needs and services required by the people of this Community. It will hold monthly, open and transparent meetings to advance the interests of the community and inspire the people with Hope. For the foreseeable future, Membership will be free, until the organisation has been officiated through the first Annual General Meeting.

Which areas will be included in the association?

The area West of the Diep River (Tableview, West Riding, Parklands, Sunningdale), the North of the Rietvlei Dam (Flamingo Vlei, Dolphin Beach), all along Marine Drive, Otto Du Plessis Drive (Bloubergstrand, Blouberg Rise, West Beach also including Bloubergrandt, Blouberg Sands, The Hills, the area West of Otto Du Plessis also known as Bloubergstrand, Dune Ridge, Sandown Village, Blouberg Hills Estate, Big Bay, all along Otto Du Plessis Drive up to La Paloma Blvd(including LaPaloma estate), the area North of Sandown Road, Sandown Road up until the Diep River at Malibongwe Road and any new developments in Parklands North

GTAF Mission Statement

We want to go back, go back to a time that everyone knew his/her neighbor, back to a time that our streets and parks were safe for our children to play in, back to when popping in to our neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar was the order of the day and back to a time, when people worked together to achieve the things they wanted to see happen. We believe this can be done.
We are not a rate payer’s association in the general term, our aims and objectives are to build-up the existing bodies that operate in our community, assisting the underprivileged, the child who does not fit into mainstream schooling, to organizations that go the extra mile to help those who need a hand up.

We would like to see ourselves filling the gap between the councilors and the community, making communication between them possible and in so doing, creating an environment that works for all who live in this wonderful neighborhood. Our Management Committee are individuals who are committed to making the difference in their respective portfolios, from young people, who are the future of this community to the elderly, who have served us well in the past. They ALL matter to us.

Our dream is to create an organization that leads by example, who listens to the concerns of all who reside in our area, to assist the city when it comes to implementing their regulations but at all times, putting our community and all who live in it, first.
It is the mission of this Community-based organization to BE the difference we want to SEE.