Constitution of

(Adopted March 2017 AGM – Signed Version)

(Amended March 2018 AGM – Signed Version)


  1. NAME


  1. The name of the Organisation shall be Greater Table View Action Forum (hereinafter referred to as “The Organisation”)
  2. The name is shortened by the use of Capital letters GTAF




  1. The postal address of the Organisation shall for statutory purposes be the residence of the Secretary from time to time or at any other place that the ManCo may designate. For ordinary correspondence the address shall be as it appears on the letterhead of the Organisation.




  1. The Organisation is an ‘universitas personarum”, an independent legal persona or entity, distinct from the individuals who compose it, having capacity of acquiring rights of property, or including obligations and of suing or being sued in its own name and having perpetual succession.
  2. Neither Members nor the ManCo (Hereinafter referred to as the “ManCo”) nor any sub-committee of the Organisation shall be answerable for the debts, engagements, liabilities or obligation of the Organisation.




  1. The objectives of the Organisation shall be:
    • (i) To observe and comply to the Constitution of South Africa at all times
    • (ii) To promote, enforce and safeguard the interests and rights of the ratepayers and/or residents of the membership area as defined in Clause 5.
    • (iii) To observe the environment, beauty, character and heritage of the membership area
    • (iv) To foster interaction among ratepayers and residents through membership of the Organisation and to increase understanding of civic issues and develop a sense of civic pride
    • (v) To interact with and to serve as a means of communication to all levels of government
    • (vi) To keep a watching brief over Municipal policies and affairs, to evaluate them according to the highest principles of good local government and to influence the CoCT to adopt policies, frame regulations and make decisions acceptable to all members
    • (vii) To promote and facilitate interaction with other organizations in the Greater Cape Town area having similar objectives.
    • (viii) To give effect to these objectives in implementing the wishes of its members
    • (ix) The Organisation shall not be aligned to any political party or other structure and its elected or co-opted management shall avoid becoming embroiled in party political disputes.




The Powers of the Organisation will be to be the representative voice of the Registered Members of the Community in the Geographical Area as per clause 6.a, on matters and issues that affect the Community.




  1. Membership of the Organisation shall be open to all registered property owners, South African Citizens and or residents over the age of 18 years in the membership area, defined as:
    • (i) the area West of the Diep River (Table View, West Riding, Parklands, Sunningdale),
    • (ii) the North of the Rietvlei Dam (Flamingo Vlei, Dolphin Beach),
    • (iii) all along Marine Drive, Otto Du Plessis Drive (Bloubergstrand, Blouberg Rise, West Beach also including Bloubergrandt, Blouberg Sands, The Hills,
    • (iv) the area West of Otto Du Plessis also known as Bloubergstrand, Dune Ridge, Sandown Village, Blouberg Hills Estate, Big Bay,
    • (v) all along Otto Du Plessis Drive up to La Paloma Boulevard (including La Paloma estate),
    • (vi) the area North of Sandown Road, Sandown Road up until the Diep River at Malibongwe Road and any new developments in Parklands North.
  2. A registered property owner is defined as the registered ratepayer or his/her nominee duly authorized in writing.
  3. A resident is defined as any person domiciled or ordinary resident living within the defined area as per clause 6.a
  4. The list of members shall not be divulged to anyone who is not a member of the Organisation unless so authorized by the ManCo .
  5. Proof of residence and ID could be called upon by the ManCo.




  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Management Committee (MANCO) consisting of not less than 8 and not more than 12 members, as determined at the relevant Annual General Meeting (AGM) or, in the case of co-opted ManCo members, a general meeting and who shall be elected at the AGM. Any member of the Association may make him/herself available for election for a minimum period of 1 year.
  2. Representatives from other Community Based Organisations, in particular The Community Police Forum and the Neighbourhood Watches, may hold positions on the Management committee if they are registered members of GTAF.
  3. ManCo members have to attend at least 60% of the ManCo meetings.
  4. Only members in good standing in the community, who has held registered Membership for a minimum period of 90 days, may be elected on the Management team.
  5. Estate Agents, Estate Agency Owners (in rental or retail), Property developers and their families, may not be elected onto the Management committee.
  6. Members of the ManCo may not serve in Executive positions of other Community Based Organisations in order to ensure the ManCo member’s undivided attention.
  7. In the event of it transpiring that the Management Committee consists for a period of time of less than 10 members, the actions of the Management Committee shall nevertheless be lawful subject to further members being co-opted or appointed within a period of 90 days from the date upon which number of the Management Committee members fell below 10.
  8. Any vacancies on the ManCo may be filled by co-opting willing members of the Association, who has held membership for more than 90 days.
  9. Members of ManCo shall be elected for a period of 2 years, subject to the requirement that at least 40% of the Committee shall be elected each year. Any serving member shall be eligible for re-election and does not require re-nomination, providing that willingness to stand for re-election is confirmed in writing.
  10. ManCo shall immediately after the annual election (within 14 days) convene their first official meeting to elect from its members a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson, who shall be Ipso Facto to Chairperson or Vice Chairperson of the Association. The positions of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall not be held for longer than 3 years in any continuous period.
  11. Subsequent to an election, ManCo may nominate and at a subsequent meeting co-opt persons to fill any vacancy arising through resignation or other cause. Such co-opted members will be ratified by a member’s vote, at the next general meeting. Such coopted members will only be allowed to vote in any Management decisions after the member has been ratified into the position at a General meeting.
  12. A complete hand-over of all documentation, which should include; minutes, attendance registers, member lists/applications and all access to systems and passwords from one ManCo to a another elected ManCo should take place within 14 (fourteen) days of the Annual General Meeting


  1. ManCo shall appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer, which positions may be combined to hold office until the ManCo meeting following the next AGM
  2. To encourage transparency, the portfolio holders of Chairman and Vice chairman, may not hold the portfolio of Treasurer or secretary simultaneously. The combined positions of Treasurer and secretary may be held by one person, which excludes the appointed Chairman and the Vice chairman from taking up these positions as well.
  3. ManCo shall decide the Honoraria, if any, of the Secretary and the Treasurer.
  4. Neither the Secretary nor the Treasurer will have voting power unless he/she is an elected member of the ManCo. In the event that both portfolios are held by one person, such person will only have one vote in any decisions on the ManCo.




  1. ManCo may perform such acts as are necessary to accomplish the objectives expressed or implied in Clause 4 and which may be legally accomplished by a Universitas Personarum. Without in any way limiting the generality if the foregoing, such powers shall include but not be limited to the following:
  • (i) the operation of banking accounts with all powers required by such operations
  • (ii) The investment and re-investment of monies of the Organisation not immediately required, in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by ManCo.
  • (iii) The making of, entering into and carrying out the contracts or agreements for any of the purposes of the Organisation.
  • (iv) The employment and payment of agents, servants and other parties
  • (v) The right to sue and to defend actions in the name of the Organisation and to appoint legal representatives for this purpose.
  • (vi) The levying of a subscription payable by members as provided in Clause 18.a hereof
  • (vii) The appointment of any sub-committee with members drawn from ManCo and other persons, under the chairmanship of a ManCo member and granting such powers to it as may be considered necessary.
  • (viii) No sub-committee formed to further the aims of the Organisation, will be allowed to constitute itself into a separate Organisation with a separate Constitution and separate banking account.
  1. The Organisation is pledged to be non-political and non-commercial, thus any member of ManCo, having any financial, political or business interest in any matter under discussion, must declare such interest and recuse him/herself form such discussions by ManCo and any vote thereon.
  2. No person holding political office shall be eligible to serve on the ManCo but may attend meetings in an advisory capacity.
  3. No member of ManCo or any sub-committee shall be entitled to use his/her position on such committee to promote his/her financial and/or business interests or to use for such purposed confidential information obtained through his/her position.
  4. No member of ManCo or sub-committee or office bearer of the Organisation shall have any personal right over any asset of the Organisation.
  5. The ManCo will be permitted to make non-recurring sundry payments limited to a maximum of R1000 without the consultation of the members. Regular purchases (such as gifts and donations) will be limited to R1000 per annum unless consulted and agreed to by the members.




  1. ManCo shall meet regularly each month
  2. Meetings will be convened under the application of Robert’s Rules
  3. The quorum for a ManCo meeting shall be 60% of its full complement of ManCo members. All ManCo members must be present in order to cast a vote on a matter.   No proxies will be permitted for absent ManCo Members at a ManCo meeting.
  4. ManCo may, at its discretion, enlist from time to time supernumeraries for their expertise in certain matters, who shall not however have voting power.
  5. Monthly ManCo meetings may be called and set by the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.
  6. Special ManCo meetings may be called by the Chairperson or in absentia, the Vice Chairperson or may be called if so requested by 4 members of ManCo.
  7. Meetings must be held at a date and time when is most convenient for the majority of ManCo members to attend.
  8. Any member of ManCo who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings (Inclusive of general and ManCo meetings) without justifiable leave of absence shall forfeit his/her position without further correspondence being entered into.
  9. Resolutions/proposals shall, where necessary, be carried by simple majority of members of ManCo present at a committee meeting, providing a quorum is present and that the matter has been discussed with all ManCo members timeously in order to make an informed decision.
  10. Town planning matters and other topics that require regular consideration may be dealt with in the first instance by portfolio sub-committees appointed by ManCo in terms of Clause 9.a (vii)
  11. Minutes for the ManCo meetings shall be made available to all members (including ManCo members) within 7 days of the meeting being held.
  12. Furthermore, ManCo meeting minutes shall be recorded and kept safely for consultation by members and if so deemed, shall be made public on the Website and Facebook page.




  1. ManCo may terminate the membership of any person who is no longer qualified to be a member as per clause 6.
  2. ManCo may, on good cause or breach of the Constitution by a member, terminate his/her membership, provided that such member may within 10 days of this action, note an appeal against such decision, which shall be considered at the next General Monthly Meeting of the Organisation or at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.
  3. A ManCo member shall cease to hold office if:
  • (i) by notice in writing to ManCo he/she resigns his/her office
  • (ii) he/she becomes of unsound mind
  • (iii) he/she surrenders his/her estate as insolvent or his/her estate is sequestrated
  • (iv) he/she is convicted of any criminal offence
  • (v) by resolution of a General Meeting of the Organisation he/she is removed from his/her office
  • (vi) If the member does not uphold the responsibilities of his/her portfolio




  1. Monthly Public meetings will be held every second month, including an early December meeting provided there are a minimum of 6 meetings per year. A full newsletter will go out every alternate month when there is no public meeting .
  2. All monthly meetings (without exception) shall be Chaired by the appointed Chairman or Vice-Chairman, and in their absence, any other member of the ManCo.
  3. A majority vote of registered members present, will decide any issue, with the exception of an amendment of this Constitution.
  4. Although non-registered members will be permitted to attend the meetings of the Organisation, they will not be permitted to vote. They will, however, on invitation of the Organisation, be permitted to address the meeting.
  5. The Secretary of the Organisation shall keep proper Minutes of Meetings and signed Minutes will be made available to any member.
  6. Minutes requested by registered members to be provided within 7 ordinary days. Failure to comply with a member’s request, could lead to the dismissal of the ManCo member who it was requested from.
  7. All minutes of all the meetings should be presented to members at the AGM which would be signed by the Chairman of the ManCo and the aforesaid Secretary.
  8. Furthermore, meeting minutes shall be audio recorded and kept safely for consultation by any member and if so deemed, shall be made public on the Website and Facebook page.
  9. Membership numbers to be publicized at General monthly meetings.




  1. Within 3 (three) months of the financial year end and subject to no less than fourteen (14) days’ written notice (via email) to the registered members of the Organisation, an Annual General Meeting will be held, with the following purpose:
    • (i) To receive from the Committee, the chairman’s report, the Financial Statements, and the statement of accounts for the preceding financial year, and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the current financial year.
    • (ii) A copy of the (audited) Financial Statements, and a copy of the estimate shall be sent to all members of the Organisation least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting by the honorary Treasurer
    • (iii) To appoint auditors for the ensuing year (if required
    • (iv) To elect the Executive committee and voting shall be by secret ballot. Every voting member shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled.
    • (v) The candidates, up to the number of vacancies, who receive the most votes, shall be declared elected. In the case of two or more candidates receiving an equal number of votes, such candidates will be given an opportunity to address the meeting, explaining why he/she is the best candidate, and members will be required to re-vote on those specific candidates only.
    • (vi) To promote continuity and the further existence of GTAF, at least four (4) ManCo Members must be re-elected onto the New ManCo.
    • (vii) Nominations for ManCo members must reach the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the AGM is set to commence. At least 5 (five) ManCo members have to be involved in the arrangements and set-up of the AGM, if for no other purpose than to be an oversight.
    • (viii) To publish the membership total of the Organisation
    • (ix) To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted as provided for in this clause.
    • (x) Any member desirous of moving any resolution/motion/proposal at the AGM shall give written notice of the same to the secretary no later than 21(twenty-one) days before the meeting. The Secretary shall add this resolution/motion/proposal to the Agenda and publish and display the agenda of the AGM on the Organisation website fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.
    • (xi) Members joining the Organisation, within 90 days of an AGM, will not have voting rights.
  2. Minutes of the AGM to be made available to the Members of the Organisation within three (3) weeks of the AGM.
  3. Furthermore, AGM meeting minutes shall be recorded and kept safely for consultation by members and if so deemed, shall be made public on the Website and Facebook page.
  4. The voting for the ManCo shall be taken by a secret ballot.
  5. Only matters included on the Agenda will be discussed at the AGM.
  6. A quorum of the Organisation will be constituted by the attendance of one quarter (1/4) registered members of the Organisation, including members of the ManCo.
  7. Registered members will have a right to inspect the membership database within 14 (fourteen) days of the date leading up to the AGM.
  8. All ballots must be available to any member after the voting procedure for inspection, within 7 (seven) days of requesting to inspect such.




  1. The ManCo may, itself, call for a Special General Meeting, provided that fourteen (14) days written notice (via email) is given to registered members. The written notice must state the purpose of the meeting.
  2. A Special General Meeting may be called, if requested in writing by at least ten (10) percent of the members of the Organisation. It is the responsibility of the ManCo to ensure that the SGM called by the members, is convened within 21 days of such request, giving registered members 14 days written notice as in clause 14.a.  The ManCo may not overrule this request in any way, shape or form, or call their own meeting to dissolve the members’ request.  It is the responsibility of the ManCo to state the exact purpose of the meeting as per the members’ request.
  3. Members will have the right to appoint an independent facilitator to chair the SGM should this form part of the request.
    • (i) No business other than that of which notice has been so given, shall be brought forward at the meeting.
    • (ii) Every member present at all meetings and entitled to vote, shall have one vote upon every motion, and in the case of equality of votes, the chairman shall have a casting vote. If it is necessary for any matter to be decided on the basis of a vote, then such vote will be taken by a secret ballot.
    • (iii) Members joining the Organisation, within 90 days of an AGM, will not have voting rights.
  4. Registered members will have a right to inspect the membership database within 14 days of the date leading up to the SGM.
  5. All ballots must be available to any member after the voting procedure for inspection, within 7 days of requesting to inspect such.
  6. At least 5 ManCo members have to be involved in the arrangements and set-up of the SGM, if for no other purpose than to be an oversight.
  7. Minutes of the SGM have to be made available to the Members of the Organisation within two (2) weeks of the SGM
  8. Furthermore, SGM meeting minutes shall be recorded and kept safely for consultation by members and if so deemed, shall be made public on the Website and Facebook page.




  1. Any alterations, additions or amendments to this constitution must be passed by two-thirds majority vote of those present at a General Meeting of the Organisation.
  2. Any changes to this Constitution may only be affected by a vote at a Special General Meeting. In such case, a special procedure, other than what is applicable to AGM’s and SGM’s, must be followed:
    • (i) Any proposed motions/amendments in terms of the Constitution, must accompany the Notice of the SGM.
    • (ii) All members must be notified, in writing, at least 4 weeks (28 days) of the proposed Constitutional changes. The existing Constitution, as well as the proposal motions/amendments, has to accompany the 4-week emailed notice.
    • (iii) Any members, who would like to affect changes to the proposed motions/amendments, has to do so, in writing, within fourteen (14) days of receipt of Notification of the SGM, to all portfolio holders of the Organisation. Any other or late proposals to amendments will not be considered.
    • (iv) The proposed changes and amendments to any proposed changes, will be discussed at the SGM and decided if a quorum, as described in Clause 15.b (i) , is present.




  1. The quorums of registered members in good standing at all meetings shall be as follows:
    • (i) On motions proposing any repeal or amendment of this Constitution, or dissolution, a quorum would constitute two thirds (2/3) of the number of members eligible to vote.
    • (ii) For all other business, a quorum would constitute one quarter (1/4) of the members eligible to vote
    • (iii) Proxies will not form part of a quorum for any meeting, AGM or SGM.
    • (iv) If a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be adjourned for seven (7) days and notice of that meeting is to be posted on the Organisation website within 24 hours. Those members present at the meeting held seven (7) days later, shall constitute a quorum, with the exception that a meeting convened  for Constitutional changes, will require half (½) of the voting members. Only members, who are in good standing, present and entitled to vote at any meeting, may vote.




  1. Proxies of members wishing to cast their vote at an AGM or SGM, but unable to attend in person, with valid reason, will be permitted. Proxies are limited to one (1) per member in attendance.
  2. A member of the Organisation shall be entitled to appoint a proxy to speak and vote on his/her behalf at General Meetings but only if the conditions as set out in Clause 17.a are met. A proxy appointment must be in writing, signed by the member and the proxy holder, and the original delivered to the Secretary not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.
  3. Proxies will not form part of a quorum for any meeting , AGM or SGM.




  1. The Organisation, through ManCo shall be empowered to raise funds from Members by way of initial membership fees and donations and/or other approved methods in order to conduct the affairs of the Organisation on a competent and sound financial basis.
  2. All funds shall be deposited to the credit of the Organisation with a registered deposit receiving institution.
  3. All Cash received has to be banked into the Organisation’s account within 7 days of receipt, unless unanimously agreed by the ManCo that the cash may be kept in Petty Cash. In which case the Treasurer has to provide details as cash is being used.
  4. Monies may be withdrawn from the accounts of the Organisation only on written instruction signed by the Chairperson or the Vice Chairperson plus ONE other person so authorized by ManCo.
  5. The Financial year will begin from 1 January and end on 31 December of each year.
  6. At the end of each financial year, financial records prepared by the Treasurer shall be submitted for scrutiny to a Registered Accountant, who shall prepare the annual financial statements in the Standard Accounting Form. The statement shall be approved by ManCo before submission to the Annual General meeting for ratification.
  7. Membership applications and all fees/donations accompanying such, must be handed to the Treasurer within 2 (two) days of receipt.
  8. Members or office bearers have no rights in the property or other assets of the Organisation solely by virtue of their being members or office bearers.
  9. The acquisition and control of assets will be at the discretion of the committee, but must be communicated to the members of the Organisation.




  1. No alteration or addition to this Constitution shall be made except by a resolution carried by a majority of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and entitled to vote at a general meeting, of which notice shall be given to members of the proposed alteration or addition.
  2. If at any general meeting a resolution for either the dissolution of the Organisation; or the merger of the Organisation with another Organisation with similar objects is passed, the committee shall immediately or at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution, either proceed to realise the property of the Organisation, and after the discharge of all liabilities shall be entitled to transfer and deliver the remaining assets to such Organisation, club, society, institution or charitable organisation as may have been directed by the said resolution, or shall on a resolution to merge, transfer and deliver the assets of the Organisation to either an existing Organisation, specified in the said resolution, or a new Organisation formed for the purposes of merger, which Organisation shall become liable and shall undertake to discharge all the liabilities of the Organisation.
  3. This will be undertaken as set out in this Constitution and as described in Act 71 of 1997 – Sections 19 and 23. Upon winding up and dissolution any assets remaining after all its liabilities have been met, must be transferred to another non-profit organisation having similar objective




The funds raised by the Organisation shall be used in projects to uplift the community in general, by agreement with the Organisation’s members and all disbursements must be minuted.  Properly accounted financial statements must be presented at each AGM.




Members or office bearers have no rights in the property or other assets of the Organisation solely by virtue of their being members or office bearers




  1. The Organisation shall have an identity that is separate and an existence which is distinct from its members and office bearers and as such its members and office bearers will not be personally liable for any debts of the Organisation. The Organisation shall be a legal persona in its own right and as such capable of legal action in its own name.
  2. No office-bearers will be personally liable for any loss suffered by any person as a result of an act or omission which occurs in good faith while the office bearer is performing functions for or on behalf of the Organisation. Any person being conscious that such an act or omission may have occurred must communicate with the committee immediately.  Persons responsible for such acts or omissions may face expulsion procedures as per Clause 25




GTAF shall continue in its stated aims and as described in the Clauses of this Constitution to represent the Members of the Community, nonwithstanding changes in the composition of its membership or office-bearers.




  1. The Organisation shall be wound up upon the passing of a vote conducted in secret by the casting of written voting papers to that effect of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the paid up members of the Organisation at or subsequent to a Special General Meeting called to decide specifically on the dissolution of the Organisation.
  2. In the event of such a dissolution, all funds and property belonging to the Organisation, or held in trust on its behalf, shall after paying of any debts, forthwith be transferred by authority of the Special General Meeting to a non-profit organization with similar objectives to the Organisation, an Organisation or amenity catering for the benefit of the Ratepayers and/or Residents of the membership area.




  1. Should an urgent matter arise requiring the immediate action by the ManCo and is insufficient time available to call a meeting of ManCo, the Chairperson shall, after consulting at least three other members of ManCo, to take such action as may be determined upon by him or her. The Chairperson shall report thereupon at the next meeting of ManCo to seek endorsement of his/her action. The Chairperson shall be recused from the vote of endorsement by the members of the ManCo.
  2. The Chairperson must appoint the Vice-Chairperson to undertake this function if he/she is unable to do so.




Public statements may be made only by the person elected to be the Spokesperson for the Organisation, who shall be a member of the ManCo.




  1. Correspondence issued on behalf of the Organisation shall be on the Organisation’s Letterhead and shall be signed by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson or a member of the ManCo who has been authorized to do so. Correspondence shall contain no reference to personal interests.
  2. In the case of matters that have been dealt with by the Town Planning Sub-Committee of ManCo, correspondence with the Cape Town Council shall be signed by the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee as by the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson of ManCo. Letters written in connection with or in anticipation of litigation shall be signed by the Chairperson or the Vice Chairperson and one other member of the ManCo.




  1. Any member who brings disrepute to the Organisation’s good name by way of verbal or other misbehavior, in any environment, especially whilst employed in the furthering of the Organisation’s aims, or whilst allied to any of its public projects, shall, after consultation with the Executive Committee, and at its discretion, be stripped of any benefits arising out of membership of the Organisation.
  2. If at any time the ManCo is of the opinion that the interests of the Organisation so require it, it may, by letter, invite any member to resign from the Organisation within a time specified in the letter. In default of the member’s resignation, the question of his/her expulsion/termination shall be submitted to a special ManCo meeting to be held within three (3) weeks after the date specified in the letter as the date before which he/she is invited to resign.  The member whose expulsion/termination is sought, shall, at least one week prior to the meeting, be given written notice of the meeting and of the grounds on which it is sought to expel/terminate him/her.  At the meeting the member shall be allowed to offer such explanation or defense as he/she thinks fit, either verbally or in writing.  Should two-thirds (2/3) of the executive committee members present and entitled to vote at the meeting,  vote for the member’s expulsion, the member shall immediately cease to be a member provided that the voting at such meeting shall be by ballot if not less than four (4) members present and entitled to vote so demand.  Decisions taken by the executive committee will be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  3. No registered, Ordinary or ManCo member may be excluded from any communications by the Organisation until the person’s expulsion/termination has been ratified.




The Organisation shall be permitted to interview potential candidates for ward representation and, subject to such endorsement being approved by the Organisation at a general meeting, endorse the candidate considered by the ManCo to the best suited and qualified to further the aims of the Organisation as stated in this Constitution.  In so deciding, however, the ManCo shall be bound by the following criteria:

  1. The proposed candidate, representing GTAF at Ward Committee level, must be a member in good standing of the Organisation.
  2. The proposed candidate, representing GTAF at Ward Committee level, must be a ratepayer within any ward in which the Greater Table View is situated.
  3. The proposed candidate, representing GTAF at Ward Committee level, must be a resident in any ward in which the Greater Table View is situated.
  4. The proposed candidate must first be interviewed by a special sub-committee, established for this purpose. Such interview must be minuted at the following ManCo meeting.
  5. The proposed candidate must be on the Local Government voters’ roll.
  6. The proposed candidate must be able to establish to the satisfaction of the ManCo, that he or she has sufficient available time to dedicate to his/her duties as candidate so as to properly carry out the duties required by a Ward Committee member.
  7. The Candidate must distribute submitted Ward Committee reports to the ManCo at the same time as submitting such to Ward Committee Admin.
  8. The Candidate must distribute Minutes and Agendas of Ward Committees to the GTAF ManCo.
  9. The Candidate will be expected to attend the first ManCo meeting after every Ward Committee Meeting.
  10. Failing to adhere to Clause 29.g; 29.h and 29.i the GTAF ManCo may take disciplinary action against the Ward Committee  representative as described in clause 28.
  11. The Candidate must attend the GTAF Public Meetings when requested to do so, and may be requested to address the members on matters relating to Ward Committee Decisions.
  12. The Candidate must report back to the ManCo within one (1) week after Ward Committee meeting.
  13. The Candidate must resign/relinquish all responsibilities / commitments to Ward Committee/Ward forum when membership to this Organisation is revoked/terminated.