Table View Community Police Forum

The TV CPF regulates the establishment, functioning and management of Community Police Forums and Boards, to operate as effective Community Structures through which the Police shall liaise with the Community in order to achieve the objectives contemplated in Section 215 of the Interim Constitution and Section 205(3) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and provide for the establishment of Community Safety- and Victim Support Structures under the control of the Forums and Boards.

Table View Neighbourhood Watch

The TVNW formed several years ago by a handful of residents that decided to take back our streets. Being concerned about the rising levels of crime in the community, the residents focussed on their immediate area of Flamingo Vlei – a sub-section of the suburb of Tableview. These volunteers give up their free time to keep the community safe. This is done by either foot patrols, vehicle patrols or static patrols. None of the members are paid for their time and they do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Their emergency Number is 084-383-1814

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch

PNW was formed in early 2014 by a group of residents in the Parklands/Sunningdale area. This was initiated by the concern created from the high crime statistics in our immediate community and the belief that a smaller, more focused area needed to be covered by PNW. This would allow for the micro management of crime and contributing issues in our area.

Their emergency number is 079-453-7420

One FM 94.0

One FM is the community radio station for the area.

The City of Cape Town has an online service request system where a variety of service requests can be logged.  These include:

  • leaking water pipes
  • no power or electricity/ unscheduled outages
  • blocked stormwater drains
  • uncollected refuse or waste
  • tree removal
  • illegal dumping
  • noise nuisances
  • graffiti
  • stolen or vandalised City property
  • unruly or inappropriate behaviour
  • problem buildings
  • speeding and traffic offences

Log a service request (C3) now

City of Cape Town Bylaws

The CoCT has a page where you can view items that are open for public comment.  Have YOUR Say now!!