Another week and another application that will stress our already overloaded infrastructure. The City of Cape Town has not yet cleared up the environmental mess its caused yet it wants to allow more illegal and reckless development that would add more pollution to the Diep River, Table Bay Nature Reserve, the Milnerton Lagoon and our once pristine beaches. Our water pipes are regularly failing yet more taps will be added by the City so that politically connected individuals can profit from the misery of rate payers. The City only sees increase rates and development levy’s so they can vote themselves inflation busting pay increases. 

Those of us who regularly sit in traffic around Blaauwberg Road / Potsdam intersection. This application will add at least another 44 vehicles to the morning madness. These vehicles will join the long lines of traffic at the intersection of Arnold Road & Gie Road. 

To read and download the full application:

Notice to a Person

Application Motivation

Locality Map 

Site Development Plan

We ask that you object to this development. You can download the objection form. We have prepared a draft objection that can be used. 

Download Land Use Objection Form 

Read and Download GTAF Objection

Please send your objections to

Or your can hand deliver your objections to Planning Offices at Pienaar Road. Remember to get a receipt. 

Thank you for your help saving our community.