The BSA (Blouberg Spatial Planning Association) held its feedback meeting on the 20.05.2024 We have uploaded their draft report as well as their presentations for the evening. We have also uploaded GTAF’s comments on this report. 

Presently GTAF is not able to support this proposal as this will see the development of Erf 1117. This area is currently zoned agricultural and would in our opinion be against many City policies that advocate that densification should be encouraged toward the centre of town, that travel times are cut to and from work and whilst accessing services such as schools and hospitals and that generally we should not encourage the use of private vehicles.

The proposals for Erf 1117 would see this area alone introduce nearly 15,000 people and we would estimate a further 5,000 vehicles if 1.25 vehicles are permitted per dwelling units. Into our area.

GTAF Comments on draft proposals

Ph 4 Draft Proposals report (BBLSDF)_15 May 2024_ (002)

BBLSDF Formulation workshop 20 May 24 Chand and BSA presentations.pptx

BBLSDF Formulation workshop 20 May 2024 (CNdP) (002)

MSDF (Municipal Spatial Development Framework)

TOD (Transport Orientated Development) Policy



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