GTAF have received another application for departures on a completed building. Click here to read or download the application. This is the second round of departures with this building as the applicant has already had what GTAF believes are illegally built sections of the building legalized by the City of Cape Town. 

It is clear that the City is failing in its duty to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of its residents by engaging in a policy that ‘regularizes’ or legalizes buildings or parts of buildings that have been built illegally. In this policy the City merely allows additional units and even floors to buildings as developers build what they want then to apply for departures after the building is finished. 

Help us highlight and stop these illegal buildings by objecting to this application. To download the object form, click here

It is clear that the City has lost control of developers and is allowing them to build as they please, then ask for the City to legalize their buildings after they have been built. But what about the rest of the community? What about the rights of those people who live and own properties next to and near these illegal buildings? Why is the City not protecting the rights of all its rate payers and residents? GTAF asks  that you object to this application so that we can highlight this problem. Click here for a copy of our objection should you want to use it. 

Thank you for your help