Despite the best efforts of the Western Cape Government to frustrate the local community around the sale and transfer of land to what is now Erf 38251 to a Land Claimant. We salute the tenacity and stamina to stand up to the Western Cape Government and demand the documents that we believe show that the Western Cape Government have not acted in the public interest and gave away valuable and sold at a very much reduced price a valuable public asset. 

Western Cape Government

  • Gave away 0.4Ha of land over the land claim amount. A Western Cape official claimed this was because 20% over the land claim amount is very close. 
  • Valued 0.5Ha of Land at R50,000.00
  • Sold the same 0.5Ha of land for R150,000.00 with the valuation based on the land claimant providing the community with an access road and access to services.
  • Failed to protect the public interest by not including the construction of the road and access in the agreement of sale.
  • The Western Cape Government was aware of a land application that proposed building on the land which a road was proposed and did nothing
  • Advertised the sale of land as a land claim
  • Redacted the reference number of a critical letter to frustrate the community in their investigations.
  • Back tracked and had to ask the owner for access for services that should have been a right
  • Used public funded lawyers who recognized the legal problem with the valuation of the land to advise the land recipient. Knowing there was a problem, they refused to return this land to public ownership.
  • Publicly complain about lack of funding for education whilst giving away valuable public land
  • Publicly complaining about a lack of land for education whilst giving away land given to the community for education

The City of Cape Tonw want us to believe their actions are a remarkable series of coincidences. However, unless the City of Cape Town has a crystal ball and can see into the future that facts point to them smoothing the way for the rezoning of this Erf 38251.

  • In the Blaauwberg District Plan ear marked Erf 38251 for residential use. Years before the first land use application was received. At the time, the land was still publicly owned zoned for educational use for over 30 years.
  • Accepted a land use application on the Erf whilst still in public ownership
  • Failed to highlight the need for a road and services despite being aware of this requirement
  • Placed the incorrect mail address on the decision letter making it impossible for residents to appeal the decision
  • Ignored the wetland on the area so this was not accepted by the MPT (Municipal Planning Tribunal) 
  • Sent a flawed MPT report for consideration that denied the right of residents to object. 

The Sunridge Action Group have tirelessly worked to pièce together the events the actions that saw public land simply given away. They have produced a document that has now been sent to Premier Alan Winde and Mayor Geordin Hill Lewis for comment. To read and download this document click here. We believe people will be shocked at the actions of the Provincial Government and the City will shock the residents of Cape Town and that it is in the public interest for them to be in the public domain. GTAF has also submitted our own letters to which we also demand a response. To read our letter to Premier Winde click here. To read our letter to Mayor Hill Lewis click here.

We ask that you help us and demand that The Western Cape Government return the land sold to complete Erf 38251 into public ownership to be used for educational uses. Sign our petition below and demand the return of our public land. 

Give us Back Our Land

We call on Premier Alan Winde and the Western Cape Government to review the sale of the slither of land for now known as Erf 38251. The Western Cape Government sold this land to be used for a Road and access. The proposal for this land is for development. This land was gifted to the community to be used as educational land. This was the last educational land in the Table View area. It simply makes no sense to transfer educational land to private ownership when our children have no school places. We demand an independent enquiry into this sale of land and the return to public ownership this slither of land.

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