GTAF has received notice that The City of Cape Town has closed the Table Bay Nature Reserve. Read Notice From the City

The reason given for the closure is the high levels of E.coli which poses health risks to users. GTAF with other community-based organisations have warned of the destruction of our environment by the total lack of management by the City of Cape Town. Yet the City continuous to allow monster developments putting greater strain on our already overloaded infrastructure.

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Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt is responsible for planning and environment. Alderman Limberg is responsible for Water and Sanitation. Both have been warned over many years of this impending disaster and both have failed to act. Both should resign and allow people who can do the job get on with it. We continue to reward these Alderman for zero service delivery.

The result of this closure is not just its environmental disaster it prevents the rate payers of Cape Town from accessing a vital area of recreation. Yet rate payers continue to foot the bill not just for the salaries of the two non-delivering Alderman but all the City of Cape Town who should be serving the rate payers by providing a clean environment that will not harm the people. Instead, the rate payers are paying for a Nature Reserve that is closed due to the lack of action by the City of Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town states in it Environmental policy that the environment is the biggest driver of the economy. Yet the City continues to pollution our environment. In this time of massive unemployment, The City continues to destroy our environment and continues to threaten jobs. The closure of this nature reserve will have a direct impact on businesses that use this area and its supply chain. Yet the City of Cape Town employees and the Alderman sit pretty on their full salary’s.

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