Comments are invited for the Blaauwberg District Plan 2021. Comments clsose of the 6th June 2021. To learn more about the process click here

GTAF has drafted and sent its comments to the City you can read / download the Draft Blaauwberg District plan by clicking on the link. Page down until you get the relevent Blaauwberg section. 

To read or download GTAF’s comments please click here 

We implore residents to read and understand the district plan. The City of opening the door to a development nodes with a 2KM around Bayside Shopping Center and Marine Circle. This would give developers the ability to develope most of the Table View area. 

We are also concerned around the inclusion of two areas as High Density Densification. Being in Canary Crescent and Wessels Drive. Both of these areas are not on a main road and not services by good public transport. Please ask for these areas to be removed from the Draft Plan. 

ERF 1117. It would seem the City want to develop this area for entry level or subsidy housing. It is completly against policy to use this area for low income residents. This area is not near the inner city and is not near to any employment oppertunities. 

We have enlcose below comments should you wish to use this option to send your comments to the City Directly. 

Give us Back Our Land

We call on Premier Alan Winde and the Western Cape Government to review the sale of the slither of land for now known as Erf 38251. The Western Cape Government sold this land to be used for a Road and access. The proposal for this land is for development. This land was gifted to the community to be used as educational land. This was the last educational land in the Table View area. It simply makes no sense to transfer educational land to private ownership when our children have no school places. We demand an independent enquiry into this sale of land and the return to public ownership this slither of land.

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