The City of Cape Town, Town Planning Office at Pienaar Road has knowingly failed to notify 3400 property owners on three town planning applications being Case ID 70571021, Case ID 70570207 and Case ID 70572198. The closing date for these three application was 10th February 2022 whilst the City admits that notices were not received by some property owners until the March 2022. This is contrary to the procedure in the Municipal Planning by Law which states that 

82 Notice to a person (1) The City Manager must cause a notice to be served, as contemplated in subsections (2) and (4)

Instead of re-advertising these applications the City merely extends the advertising period.  These applications are not even advertised as open for comment on the City’s website, again the City is attempting to hide an application which might have a direct effect on your property and it value. Again the City is showing bias towards the applicant who is all three cases is an ex City of Cape Town, Town Planning employee. 

GTAF has lodged a formal complaint against the Manager of the Planning Office at Pienaar Road and we ask you to do the same. Please fill in the form below and your complaint will be sent directly to Alderman Eddie Andrews