Dead fish in the Vaal Dam, a major water source for Gauteng. The water level is dropping at an alarming rate. Picture: Itumeleng English
Picture: Itumeleng English

A prolonged drought throughout South Africa has meant water levels in the Western Cape are critically low.  This mas meant that Cape Town has been forced to such that Level 3 Water Restrictions have been implemented since 01 November 2016, and with heavier tariffs since 01 December.

The following rules apply:

Watering or irrigation with municipality-supplied drinking water will only be allowed for lawns, landscaping, flower beds, vegetable gardens, sports fields, parks and other open spaces if a bucket or water container is used

No use of hosepipes or automatic sprinkler systems is allowed

Cars and boats can only be washed with water from buckets and manual topping up of swimming pools is only allowed if the pools have a pool cover. No automatic top-up systems are allowed.

For more information on these restrictions visit the CoCT Website.  Go here for the latest updates on dam levels.