The City continues to pump millions of liters of untreated or non compliant effluent into the Diep River. This flows into the Milnerton Lagoon and into the ocean. We see rubbish flowing into the ocean from our open storm water drains as well as pump stations overflowing pumping raw sewage into our oceans and nature reserves. The City has been compelled by a directive from the Western Cape Government to clean up the mess. The City has done nothing and the pollution just gets worse. You can help read on to find out how. 

The City continues to encourage densification moving more and more people into the area without the required increases in infrastructure. The Potsdam Waste Water Treatment Plant is already 10 Mega liters over its design capacity with its upgrade years away from completion.GTAF has partnered with the Milnerton Central Residents Association,  Table View Rate Payers Association and OUTA to hold the City to account

We have engaged with OUTA who have agreed to take this destruction of our environment by the City of Cape Town on a project (OUTA Project Page)

How can you help ? These project are costly. You can help by pledging a regular donation to OUTA to give them the funds to take the City on to ensure they clean up the mess they have created and to stop densification until they have installed the required infrastructure. Please follow the link below to help OUTA stop densification. 


Donate to OUTA