The land used in Planning Application Case ID 70494419 was transferred to the developer from The Western Cape Government. Part was a land restitution claim which was rightfully settled. But a portion was gifted to the developer over and above the court settlement. Another portion of Land was sold by The Western Cape Government to the developer for R150,000 for 5800 square meters. 

The City has recently undertaken to sell 1320 square meters of land for R2.1 million. Read the City of Cape Town Resolution

Why the difference in price. Both pockets of land have the same zoning so why did The Western Cape Government sell 5800 square meters of land that was gifted to The Western Cape Government for the education of our children for R150,000 ? 

GTAF have been engaging with the MEC’s for Public Works and Education we have yet to received a adequate response from either public servant. Our letters are below for you to read.